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Oscar Larson
Director, AAG Meetings

Bulk Edit Complete

When using bulk edit complete, I'm editing 100 entries at a time. If an error is thrown, I can't tell which entry is causing the error. Would it be possible to highlight the culprit entry? Additionally, would it be possible... (More)

Christopher Schneider
Event Technology Administrator

Truncate trailing spaces in search fields

A trailing space will invalidate a search term in the OW back end (happens a lot on copy and paste operations). Many enterprise level searches don't have this issue. Please change the search feature to ignore or truncate a trailing... (More)

Christopher Schneider
Event Technology Administrator

Add Reply-to Line in Email Wizard

OW lacks a feature every enterprise-level mailer we use has. Please add an editable Reply-to line to the email wizard.

In most use cases, having the from line and the reply-to line the same is fine, but there are situations... (More)