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Subcontractor Management Software

Do you want to offer all of your temporary workers a quick and easy solution? For all of your needs in Subcontractor Management Software, turn to MeMate. With the help of this solution, managers may keep track of budget... (More)

Unify all hyperlinks within the platform to be blue.


Not all hyperlinks within the OW platform appear to be a link/clickable.


Changing the hyperlinks within the platform to appear as blue so that they stand out against the platform background and appear to be a link/clickable.

Before... (More)

Caleb Worner
Enterprise Consultant

Change default for "Select New Application Owner" screen to "Show all Applications"

When you transfer ownership of an application using these instructions, there isn't any mention of what the "Show all Applications" checkbox means.

I'm relatively sure that "Show all Applications" means show both applicants with applications (default) AND applicants... (More)