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Caleb Worner
Enterprise Consultant

Checkbox field option for inline scoring

Inline scoring is a powerful tool that many of my clients use/appreciate in their workflows. One client has recently requested that we add a checkbox option to allow the selection of multiple options from a list of values, as all... (More)

Vicky Parr
Business Support Manager

A 'not applicable' scoring option on evaluation forms

The range of businesses that apply to our Awards programme varies greatly and some questions may not be applicable to all business types. Currently when evaluating these submissions, I don't believe we can score these questions as 'not applicable' and... (More)

Caleb Worner
Enterprise Consultant

Inline scoring upgrade: option for table field row forms to enable scoring on individual fields in addition to each row and the entire table

The system currently allows inline scoring for all normal fields, including subfields and table fields.

Table field options are slightly different in that the system currently offers two configurations:
1) Inline review of the entire table field (all rows in... (More)