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Including Previous Round Judge Results in PDF for Judge export

I've been trying to find a way to include the previous round judge scores/results in the PDF for Judges export in a subsequent round... or even an mechanism to export this information alongside the application in a PDF as an... (More)

Deleting old programs

Currently you can only 'archive' old programs. It would be helpful to have the option to delete old programs to free up database/media storage or just remove unwanted programs. To go into each archived program and delete then purge old... (More)

Caleb Worner
Enterprise Consultant

Increased flexibility with "enabled/disabled" options for individual eligibility rules

Eligibility rules are currently set up to be all or nothing.

Because of their ability to stop applicants from finalizing, coupled with the powerful condition builder, eligibility rules are used for cases beyond simple eligibility checks for some of my... (More)