Is there a method (or is it possible to add a setting), whereby a file can be assigned to all members of a judge team, but once any one judge provides an evaluation, only that evaluation will be kept and the remaining judges will have the file automatically removed from their assignments?

We are looking for this functionality for a situation where judges are assessing files in parallel, but we only need one assessment by one judge to determine if files can move forward...  Given the different availabilities of our reviewers, some are able to process files faster than others, and right now the current assignment functionality only allows us to assign all files to all reviewers, or to partition them out so 1 reviewer sees each file...  The first option doesn't easily allow us to remove the applications that have received the minimum number of reviews from other judge assignments, while the last one does not give reivewers with more time the opportunity to continue reviewing additional files once they have completed the first set without manual intervention by our administrator.

In other words... looking for a first-come-first reviewed assignment rule, where once 1 review is completed by any of the assigned reviewers, the file is removed from everyone else's assignments so that it is no longer part of their workload.