Request: Add several different data points to the "Refund" section of the /invoices/{id} response. 

Proposed functionality:

  1. Refunds > Need the processor ID shown on the API response. Currently Invoice ID is shown, but this isn't enough for reconciling.
    • Original Payment Processor ID from purchase
    • New Payment Processor ID from refund
  2. Refunds > Show payment method for refund (either Credit Card or manual.) When reconciling, it helps them to verify if refund was sent.
    • Method: "CreditCard"
    • Method: "Manual"
  3. Refund Date > Only way to figure out when refund might have processed is ""mostRecentTransactionDateUtc". But, this does not clarify if there was multiple refunds and when they were processed.
    • "CreatedAt" for each refund present

Reason for functionality:

These additional data points will help clients have an easier time in reconciling refunds.