I thought I submitted this a while ago, but don't see it in the list.  A significant drawback at the moment for our scholarship applications is that we collect reference letters for applicants, but they must download and email out pdf copies of their applications to their referees for review... there is no option for a recipient to a reference request to be given access to a filtered copy of the application.   This creates a significant issue: the applicant's PDF output includes sensitive fields that we usually hide from judges (such as self-identification information), so when they create their PDF, they may end up unintentionally disclosing that information to a reference/support letter provider.

I would love to see the option to add "Enable reference to see preview of application" with the reference/support letter request field, coupled with a new "role" for field visibility control... similar to how the fields have a check-box now to hide them from judges, there would need to be a check box added to "Hide in Support Letter preview" or "Hide from Referee in Support Letter Preview"...  this would allow for things like self-identification information and the reference letters submitted by other referees to remain hidden while enabling an automated preview option for them which does not require the applicant to take action outside of the platform.