Hey All,

Hope everyone is having a restful holiday!  Although many of us here are also resting after a rough 2 years, I'm excited to share small pieces of continued innovation.

We have improved our Vanity Url capabilities to support your domain name.  If your website is Example.com, and you want to host your program at OpenWater, previously you would have to use a site like demo.secure-platform.com; or you would have to give us full control of Example.com so we could add our site to it.  This was a big no-no for many IT departments.

With today's roll out we now allow you to setup something like https://awards.example.com

The option works similar to our old vanity URL option, and incurs the same cost ($1,200/year).  The main benefit is that there is no longer any IT red tape that needs to be overcome.  The setup time can typically be done within 1-2 days, instead of the 5+ days needed before.

Happy holidays