TLDR; Users who use the impersonation link on the application view expect to be taken to the program the application is from. With multiple domains in an instance, it can be easy for a client to click impersonate and be sent to a domain they didn't expect. 

Idea: Change the default behaviour of the impersonate link from using the currently selected domain in the OW admin view, to checking the application's program for a forced domain and using the forced domain url instead, something like: 

if(application.program.hasForcedDomain === true){
		//impersonate redirect url uses url from program's forced domain  



Context of the impersonation tool changes admin's expectations:

1) Impersonate from applicant profile

Admin likely expects this to take them to the program they are trying to troubleshoot for the applicant. But OW can't read the admin's mind, yet, so the default is that they're sent to the home page tied to the domain they currently have selected.

2) Impersonate from the application view

Admins who impersonate from the application view are likely expecting to be sent to the domain that is associated with the program to which the application they're viewing belongs. default is that they're sent to the home page tied to the domain they have currently have selected.

I suggest changing this to meet admin expectations when there's a forced domain and using the default when there isn't a forced domain. 


Also, if it could open a new tab when clicking impersonate that would be an awesome bonus.

Thanks and cheers!