In some of my customer's workflows they use categories/cat groups to allow them to include 100+ honors programs within a single OW program. 

With this setup, they control open/close dates at two levels: 
1) the program open/close dates (for global open/close dates)
2) the category "prevent submissions in this category" option + a date range (for specific honors)

I noticed that there's some inconsistency and ambiguity in the current UI: 

1) For the program-level open/close dates the time is set to 12:00AM on open dates and 11:59PM on close dates. Since the Prevent submissions option is not required, like the open close dates are, it would make sense for the user to have the time (HH:MMAM/PM) fields populate when the value of the date field changes, and if the date field is cleared, to reset. 

2) As currently built, the time fields aren't required if a date is entered, which creates a situation where a user's choices are to: 

a) guess/assume what time on their selected dates the categories will close (risky)
b) contact support for clarification (inefficient) 
c) input dates, potentially for many programs if using a setup with 100s of categories with different open ranges (time-consuming and potentially unnecessary, depending on the default time)