Eligibility rules are currently set up to be all or nothing. 

Because of their ability to stop applicants from finalizing, coupled with the powerful condition builder, eligibility rules are used for cases beyond simple eligibility checks for some of my clients. Some programs have long lists of somewhat complex eligibility rules. Given the "all on" or "all off" current feature set, users who want to temporarily disable time-sensitive eligibility rules, only disable certain rules for maintenance face the prospect of eligibility rules they need to stay active not preventing submissions while they do their maintenance. In other cases, users have to delete some eligibility rules entirely if vital rules exist that cannot be disabled. 

I recommend adding enable/disable options for individual eligibility rules, something like the system emails, so making changes in two places: 


adding a "status" column
adding a "status" column


Adding an enable/disable option on individual rules
Adding an enable/disable option on individual rules

Benefits would include: 

- ability to "save" rules with complex conditions that could be reused later by admins
- ability to easily activate rules that may be time-bounded in different parts of an award cycle without needing to use date conditions (that often require yearly updates in cases like this)
- giving more fine-grained control to admins for eligibility rules