Feature Description:

TLDR; Option to exclude judges who are judges in previous rounds from email blasts, thereby avoiding double-sending of round-nonspecific communications to judges. 

(requesting for a client)

Client program context: 
- Multiple Rounds
- Different sets of judges in different rounds
- Some judges judge in multiple rounds

Client Issue: 
- email blasts are round-based and custom blasts to judges across rounds require multiple emails. Multiple emails mean judges that transcend rounds get duplicates. 

Proposed Feature + visuals: 

In email blast judge Filter Type options OR in condition builder, add an option to deselect judges who are judging in any previous round. 

potential position in judge Filter Type:


potential config for condition builder:



This would allow an admin to send email blasts, starting with the first round, all the way to their program's last round, and no matter how many rounds or which rounds judges were in, if this condition is used all judges would get exactly 1 email.