Hi all -- the July updates are in

Event Cloud

  • OpenWater Mobile  is a fully integrated mobile app with the schedule data.  (Premium Feature)
  • Full Text Searching
    Our gallery search has been updated to search amongst all fields.  Previously search phrases that spanned multiple fields would not show complete results.  For example searching Doe, John vs John Doe would miss results the user intended to find
  • Closed-Captions pulled in automatically
    A few weeks ago I mentioned you can now add captions to videos in OpenWater.  With this update we now improve this to automatically pulling the captions from zoom and adding them to the video.  This will take effect only for new conferences booked after July 25.

Application and Review

  • Lock Program
    Much like Microsoft Excel let's you lock and unlock a sheet from casual mistakes; we now let you as an admin lock a program and unlock it.  This lock is helpful when a program has third party customizations / scripts and you want extra care prior to unlocking it.
  • Handle Bars Updates
    Our scripting engine: HandleBars has productivity features added.  Now you can select all table field rows in one go and see previews of any application rendering


This update also had some behind the scenes infrastructure changes which will allow us to make major announcements during August around our importers.