This month we rolled out some long requested features around updating program configuration.  These are the kind of configuration things that if you did not do correctly upfront, you would have to start over and re-do a lot of manual work.  Almost every power user of OpenWater has gone through this and has learned what to avoid.

With these updates we make fixing mistakes much easier for new admins and even for seasoned admins to make changes.

  • Ability to Insert Round In Between Other Rounds
    (Limitations: You cannot have applications started yet; and you cannot move the first round)
  • Ability to Move Fields from one Round to Another
    (Limitations: The Application Name and Category fields must remain in Round 1)
  • Ability to Nest / Un-Nest fields that are dependent on radio list, checkbox or dropdown list options
  • Ability to re-order list items
  • Change the Application Name Field after you already have taken in submissions


-> See Video