[New Features]

Feature #1: When tenant moderator joins any group, he will be a moderator for this group automatically

Any tenant admin now can join any channel as moderator on this channel and he can edit delete the messages of the others.

Feature #2: Tenant moderators can moderate channels from the public as from the admin side 

We have added the ability to Edit channel name and description and Deleting them from the public side for any tenant admin.

Feature #3: Add “View Chat” link to get back easily to chat

We have added a new navigation link to the side navigator “View Chat” that redirects user back to chat.

Feature #4: Adding ability to “Copy Channel Link” from the tenant moderator panel 

We have added a new feature that tenant moderator can copy channel link from the admin panel as like from the public.



Enhancement #1: Promoting noreply@secure-platform.com to Tenant Moderator by default for all existing tenants

We have added noreply@secure-platform.com as tenant moderator for all existing tenants.

Enhancement #2: Adding noreply@secure-platform.com as Tenant Moderator by default When creating new program or new tenant

When you create new program or tenant noreply@secure-platform.com will be added as tenant moderator by default.

Enhancement #3: We have added Tenant name to be shown in the upper right corner next to your name 

Tenant name will be shown in to ease manage different tenants.

Enhancement #4: Fix Typos in tenant moderator panel

Fixing Typos.