[Release Features]

Features Marketing

We have worked the past 4 weeks on implementing new features That are required for a better user experience. New features include for example Ban and unban users from admin panel.

Feature #1: Ban and Unban Users

We have added the ability for moderators to prevent users from sending messages in specific channel by banning them. Moderators also have the ability for unbanning users that banned before.

Feature #2: Add Send Button 

We have added a send button to send messages by clicking on it.




We made sure enhancing user experience and put in consideration user satisfaction so we updated some of the functionalities.

Enhancement #1: Remove Mouse Jail from Forbidden Page

When the forbidden page displayed, the mouse was jailed. So we removed this mouse jail from this page.

Enhancement #2: Show Load More Button 

We have enabled the load more button at left sidebar to be shown to load more channels in difference screen widths (bigger or smaller).



We have worked on fixing minor and major issues in the core and UI.

Fix #1: Group Channels Search at Admin Panel is Not Working Properly

Actions column was included at the group channels search so we have excluded it and applied only searching by the name of group channel.


[Known Issues]

There are number of known issues that we are working on to be resolved by future releases

Issue #1: Reloading a Group Chat not Working as Expected

When you reload the page or jump between different channels sometimes Right panel for channel details are not updating.

Issue #2: Logout Sometimes Redirect to The Same Page and Hang-up

When you click logout sometimes you may experience that page has been refreshed and page hang-up on loading.

Issue #3: Sometimes Private Video Conference Can Have Another People

Sometimes private Video conference can have other users from different tenants if those users have the same names as the users from the previous tenant.

Issue #4: Full App Refresh After Basic Operations

We enforced full app refresh after some basic operations just like joining or leaving a channel due to Third Party integration limitation, and we are working on this item currently to get solved ASAP.