[Release Features]

Features marketing

We have worked the past 4 weeks on implementing new features That are required for a better user experience. New features include for example “Email and Browser Notifications”.

Feature #1: Email Notifications

- There is the ability to notify users by emails if the user has unread messages at private channels for 5 minutes.

- Also a user can be notified by emails if he has a pending request for 5 minutes.

Feature #2: Browser Notifications

- There is the ability to send to the user browser notifications if someone sent a friend request to him.
- Also the notification will be sent If someone messaged him and he didn’t exist on the chat widgets page.

Feature #3: Import Group Channels

We have added a feature for moderators to add bulk of group channels from csv or xlsx files.

Feature #4: Report for Users Private Channels

We have added a report to export the number of private channels for each user in the excel file.






We did enhance user experience and put in consideration user satisfaction

so we updated some of the functionalities.


Enhancement #1: Change Policy Agreement Design

We have changed the layout of the policy agreement text area in the admin panel.

Enhancement #2: Rename Tenant Admins To be Moderators

Replaced “Tenant Admin” term to “Moderator” then removed the moderator page from admin panel and when some moderator removed, he would be eliminated from this role in all channels he was moderator on.

Enhancement #3: Add Ability for Customers to Add Moderators

By default, a user with email noreply@secure-platform.com is a moderator for each tenant. We have added an ability for customers with a role moderator to add other users as moderators from the admin panel.

Enhancement #4: Switch to Jitsi Premium

Changed our video conference server to be our own tenant from Jitsi instead of their server.

Enhancement #5: Make Sure JS Bundles Are Working Correctly for Admin Side

Instead of clearing cache to notice the layout changes, the changes will be noticed automatically.

Enhancement #6: Change Attendee Directory Buttons Design

The layout of buttons at the Attendee directory page have been changed to let its shape be more comfortable to the user's eyes.

Enhancement #7: Add Confirmation on Deleting Channel Member

From the channel members page at the admin panel during deleting a channel member, there is a confirmation message will be displayed before performing this process.

Enhancement #8: Remove Unuseful Links

The useless links have been removed from the channel details component.

Enhancement #9: Create Forbidden Page

We have created a user-friendly page for unauthorized or forbidden pages.

Enhancement #10: Make It Easier to Provision New Domain

We have created an endpoint to take the tenant name then create a new active tenant with an active program


We have worked on fixing a major issue in the core.

Fix #1: Private Video Conference Can have another people

Sometimes private Video conferences can have other users from different tenants if those users have the same names as the users from the previous tenant.