Hi All,

The larger November update will come around Thanksgiving weekend.  I recorded a quick video with my phone (the quality is a bit muffled), nonetheless I was excited to share this quick update.

Here is a 1 minute video: https://stream.new/assets/RHRMTews53s2ks1NqMv00GWqL0243HrymF5PTaLD6H3YM

In summary, as organizations work with Hybrid Conferences they need a way to have a single point of chat / discussion.  The QR code of the mobile app chat can be embedded within the OpenWater gallery.  Attendees who are joining from home can scan the website and continue along with their mobile device for the discussion.

In the example we are using the OpenWater branded events app; this would be replaced with your organization's branded app.

We will continue our efforts integrating more features between the two systems -- this one is now ready to go.