Hi All,

The November updates are now in place for all customers.  

Since nearly the beginning of the platform our URLs have ended in /a.  For example if you linked demo.secure-platform.com, it would redirect to demo.secure-platform.com/a.  With this update we now have support for:

  • Rename the default path from /a to anything
  • Add additional websites with a path, while being able to set a default.  For example demo.secure-platform.com can redirect to your current website, however you can now have a path like demo.secure-platform.com/2021-awards and demo.secure-platform.com/2022-awards and so forth without having to archive
  • All existing /a links will stay the same, and if you do rename we put the work in to make sure those links do not break
  • Similarly /a/admin is now /admin; but we put in redirects to ensure any bookmarks that are out there will continue to operate
  • Check out the video: http://somup.com/crX3or0bVa 

Next up are updates to support our customers using OpenWater to manage their events.  We have implemented the following: 

  • Conference Sessions can now have different sets of fields depending on the type of session.  For example poster sessions may collect different fields than Presenter Talks.  Our “Category Groups” feature you may be used to for Applications and Abstracts is now available for Sessions.
  • Our gallery now has the ability to be closed off with a secret phrase / passcode.  We understand sometimes you want to publish the gallery like a website, but not let everyone see it.  This feature now goes behind our login restrictions to have an extra layer of privacy during roll-outs.
  • Check out the video: http://somup.com/crX3ou0bnU

Developers who want to make quick integrations can take advantage of Web Hooks

  • Web hooks are light weight events OpenWater can send out to your system to let it know when something is done.  For example every time an application is judged, perhaps you want your analytics dashboard to become aware.  With web hooks your developers can now integrate OpenWater with tools like Zapier or Microsoft Flow.  No code needed.
  • I’ll provide a video on this after the holidays.

There are a scattering of other updates that various audiences may benefit from:

  • The user profile now supports “Nested” / Branch Logic fields
  • Long Running Reports now have a “Email Me When this is Done”
  • For customer not using Single Sign On that have to comply with security audits, we support a multi-factor based login to protect admin accounts (or all user accounts)
  • GDPR Data Delete Requests can now be handled without OpenWater support
  • Check out the video: http://somup.com/crX3oA0bea

Stay tuned for next month, December will include several more long requested updates.  Keep the feature requests coming, I hope you can see the features may take days, months or even years, but every voice does get prioritized.

Happy Thanksgiving all!