Hi all,

The big update for the month is our data importers are now live.  Data import is one of the most painful tasks out there, often because source data is just not clean.  Our previous importers would tell you all-or nothing that your data is not in the correct format.  Our previous importers also were only about getting historical data into the platform.

Our new importers have set out to solve the following goals:

  • Make it easy to spot check data entry issues and fix them
  • Support for Google Sheets for import (so that you + the openwater support team can look at and confirm data is clean)
  • Import Complete data or Import Incomplete Data and let users continue along
  • Bulk Import Large Files (e.g. for events filmed in person that need to be uploaded to our content gallery)

The importers replace our old importers and are available to admins with the "Import" permission.


The importers allow you to choose all of the fields for the submission form; or to unselect fields that are not required

From there you can choose to Insert New, Update Existing, or do a mix of both.   You can also choose if you want to update the submitter / user data in the process (based on a user's email).

When processing an import, the system will detect errors and allow you to clean up to 50 rows.  If you have more than 50 invalid rows, we suggest going back to the source data and cleaning it up.

The following importers now exist

  • Import Applicants / Submitters
  • Import Judges / Reviewers
  • Import Applications
  • Import Judge Assignments in Bulk (CSV file of judge email + application they should be assigned to)
  • Import of Sessions
  • Import of Session Assignments (Sessions assigned to abstracts)
  • Import of Categories

Along with the importers, we have also improved our export feature to export data in a manner that can be imported by another customer.

This has been a long time coming, and we are excited to see how the use of imports, exports and the like add to the utility of our platform.