Hi All,

We have been working on a lot of small improvements that have been rolled out during August and over labor day in September.  This time around a lot of the work was done on the infrastructure side and the average user may not have noticed.


  • We improved our reporting engine speed by around 3x.  Most people won't notice because 90% of our customers had their reports run in under a minute.  However customers who had 10,000+ submissions and are doing large exports will notice 10-15 minutes turn into 3-5 minutes.
  • We improved our underlying servers in our data center.  Another area where most people may not notice, the impact was a mere 0.2 seconds improvement in our average page time load.  Not so note worthy other than that we are watching over the little things.
  • Improvements to our APIs: Developers can now update table fields via javascript API; and via our REST api they can pull out more information around our grants / funding module.
  • Consistency in our UX.  We noticed some times the "Back" button was on the left, other times it was on the right.  We have gone page by page to make this slight improvement.  We understand for long time users this may cause a minor confusion as you may have been used to the button being in the wrong place.  In our UX studies we determined the fix was worth it.
  • Invoices now have a Partially Paid status in addition to Paid vs Unpaid

Time Savers

  • In our WYSIWYG editors when you switch into source view we now show you syntax highlighting to help avoid common mistakes like a missing tag.
  • When you clone a category that has sub categories, we now let you in-line edit all of the subcategories in one go


New Functionality

  • We added a new concept to our separator fields so that you can pull Read Only values from the form data collected.  For now this only works for pulling prior round data in a subsequent round.  For example Round 1 let's say you collect an essay, in round 2 you can display the previous round's essay in a read only view.   To make use of this, use the "Insert Variable" option that appears in separator fields beyond the first round  of a program.