More low-hanging fruit suggestions for table data in admin views: add Application Code to Applications tab in Admin Applicant Profile view, add Applicant's Name above tabs to remind admins where they are (NN Heuristic #1). 

When looking at a user's applications admins have information about the:
- Title of the Application
- The program (within the same instance)
-  The Round
- The Category

Sometimes users have many applications associated with their account, and it's useful to have a global view of all their applications with application numbers. This is already possible in the system, by Applicants > Search by applicant > search by applicant email. Even though it's possible, I think it would easily add value and consistency to the Applications tab if we were to add an additional column to the left of the Application Title that would display the Application Code for each of the user's applications:

In the
In the Applications tab in the admin applicant view. Notice that there are no Application Codes.
The results of
The results of Applicants > Search by applicant > search by applicant email

Additionally, I think it would improve the applicant view by slightly decreasing cognitive load if the name of the applicant were displayed above the tabs, something like this: 

Thanks core team!