Overview: Currently the Custom Display Dates will display "Start Nomination" link even if the date is in the future.  

This can cause confusion and potentially a bad user experience as a program can be accessible even though the intention may be to allow submissions in the "custom window".  

Proposed Functionality: If the Status column indicates that the program is not currently open, remove the "Start Nomination" action button and replace it with "Coming Soon" caption, while removing the URL so it isn't accessible.

Example: https://training-ehssan.secure-platform.com/a/organizations/main/home

Reason for proposed functionality: Admins who run multiple programs and want to utilize the List Active Programs feature can now display their upcoming programs.  The Custom Start/End Date will allow the program to be accessible while in development, but with the Direct to Program link hidden from the public website.

It also provides for a better user experience for both the applicants and admins.