Mine would probably be a funding program I helped set up a while back. 

It's set to run year-round with no close dates.

The only task the admin has is updating judges once every year or two. 

  1. Submissions come into one of ten areas.
  2. They're automatically assigned to a judge for that area, judge is automatically notified they need to login and review. 
  3. Once reviewed, the final judge is automatically emailed with a prompt to review.
  4. The final judge is actually using an admin account. The email they receive contains the admin url to view the submission.
  5. The final judge reviews the submission and judge scores/comments from the admin view of the submission.
  6. The final judge answers a few questions on an admin-only page of the submission form.
  7. The final judge tabs over to Email and sends the Approved/Not Approved email using a template. The template uses the answers the final judge filled in on the admin-only sub form page.
  8. The approved email goes to the submitter, an accounts person (to process payment), the area judge, and the area supervisor. Not Approved is sent to just the applicant and area supervisor.

Bit wonky but works with their specific requirements, which were mostly "admin is as hands off as possible" - which turns out is completely hands off.

Do you have any non-standard workflows worth sharing?