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Louisa Katlubeck
Support Team Lead
Asked a question last year

Each round has round-specific confirmation emails and confirmation pages. When do you prefer to use each one? For example, do you use generic confirmation pages, and more detailed confirmation emails? Or do you use both, and provide different information in each?

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Confirmation emails, in my mind, are more of like an admin receipt of the entry, where as the confirmation page is just that - the green light for you to mentally mark the task as complete. I liken it to ordering something from Amazon - the Thank You page just thanks you, and gives you that "ah it's done" response, whereas I will often search my inbox for the confirmation email to remind myself what I ordered or when I ordered it. So typically I advise clients to customize the email with things such as entry title, finalized date, and an email they can reach out to with questions. I usually recommend putting a call to action on the confirmation page, such as "don't forget to share this link!" or a reminder of when results will come out.