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Christy Blevins
Recognition & Development Coordinator
Asked a question last year

I am working on my first program with categories, but I am encountering an issue. When I select drop down, I don't see "add another" option (like in instruction sheet) or when I change type to check box it still shows as a drop down in the submissions?

Where am I?

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If you go to Program Settings > Categories, you should see an Add Categories button. If you click that you'll be able to add additional categories. 

Regarding letting folks select multiple categories from Program Settings > Applicant Settings, we tested in a sandbox here and the checkbox list showed as expected. It's possible there's a theme setting conflicting with that multi category select checkbox setting. I would suggest reaching out to your support rep (if you're a supported admin) or your supported admin (if you're not a supported admin) to investigate further.


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