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Natalie Wilson
Digital Product Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Is it possible to create/run a report that pulls only those submissions that were granted permission to edit their application and for the report to only include those fields that were modified?

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Joshua Wray
Development Project Manager

Submissions that are currently marked as "allow more data" can be targeted as conditions when building reports. This status is cleared when an applicant resubmits their submission.

If you pull a report when marking entries as "allow more data" you could use it to see who's updated their submissions by comparing it to a future report. 

Excel or a custom built report could be used to identify the submissions that were modified based on the data from both reports. Comparing the answers in each report would serve as a record of which fields were changed.

Otherwise I don't believe the system keeps more than a basic log of "submission marked as allow more data" and "submission updated by x" outside of pulling and comparing entire program backups.