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Justin Burniske
Director, Enterprise Solutions
Asked a question 2 years ago

Is there any documentation on a Protech SSO? I'm not seeing Protech listed, so didn't know if it needed to be custom, or if it was named something different.

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Eric Wind
Integrations Coordinator

Protech would be a custom integration, where we are mapping different values from the SSO payload for each client. We have received bits and pieces of documentation from a recent (ongoing) SSO integration with Protech, and will be working to make this into a coherent master document in the coming days.

Hey Justin to follow along what @Eric Wind189 said, here is our marketing page for our integration with ProTech204.  ProTech is Microsoft Dynamics based.  For SSO there is a data bridge (ASMX web service) that we can leverage, for other APIs there is either a custom web service that exposes stored procedures; or for newer versions on the cloud version  there is the Microsoft Graph API.

We have worked / integrated with ProTech since 2012 and are happy to share our processes.  Keep us posted!

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