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Louisa Katlubeck
Support Team Lead
Asked a question last year

My program has a few different winner types (winner and honorable mention). I also want to track submissions that did not win or place, but that were still good enough to win in a given year. Applicants can submit as many applications as they would like. What is a good way to track those submissions that were good enough to win, but did not? I specifically want to be able to email those folks to encourage them to apply next year.

Louisa Katlubeck
This is another possible use case for custom winner types. For example, you could have an "Apply next year" winner type. Then you could email all those folks with that winner type, encouraging them to tweak their application and reapply for the next program cycle.

In the case of applicants having multiple submissions, you have a few choices regarding the email you send. You could either choose one email per submission, or one email per applicant. Each approach has pros and cons.

If you choose one email per submission, folks with multiple "Apply next year" applications will receive multiple emails. However, the email setup will likely be more straightforward in that it will be simpler to insert application information.

If you decide to use one email per applicant, you would want to email folks who have at least one email that matches custom conditions, where the condition is that the application was marked as "Apply next year".

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