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Louisa Katlubeck
Support Team Lead
Asked a question 2 years ago

Sometimes organizations have multiple programs that admins keep track of. There might be a primary admin responsible for each program, and the other admins provide specific support as needed. These programs might also require the admins to approve various things, such as judge signup forms and submissions via the pending approval feature. What are the different possibilities to notify these admins of pending, program-specific actions that the admins need to take (such as approving judges and submissions)?

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There are a few different options. 

The first would be to use the Judge Registration Pending Approval and New Submission Need Approval system emails to automatically notify admins that judges and submissions are pending approval. Both of these are system-wide emails, and cannot be modified at the program level. This means if multiple programs are using these emails, each program would need to agree on what information the email should contain and the formatting of the email itself. We suggest keeping the information generic, and making sure to include the program name in the email subject or message so admins know which program has pending information. 

Another option would be for the admins to set a reminder to themselves outside of the system to check to see if there is anything pending. This might be useful if admins don't want to use the system emails, or if they normally receive many emails throughout the day and might miss some of the emails from the system as they carry out the rest of their responsibilities.