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Louisa Katlubeck
Support Team Lead
Asked a question 2 years ago

The public gallery option can be used for a variety of things, from showcasing specific entries to creating a "private" gallery for judges to view all the submissions. What do you use the public gallery for?

Joshua Wray
Couple unconventional uses I've helped set up recently:

* A gallery of all the teams entered into a program for volunteers to search/browse by school name/region/category and choose to reach out and provide feedback.
* A similar setup but for individuals to be showcased so mentors can browse for folks they can want to reach out to and offer to mentor.
Louisa Katlubeck
Joshua Wray Are the clients using any conditions for the mentor - mentee gallery? For example, keeping track of which folks have found a mentor and either removing them from the gallery, or noting which people have found a mentor?
Joshua Wray
Louisa Katlubeck No but that sounds like a great idea! Especially adding a field for "mentor connected" or such to either show they have help or to easily excuse them from the gallery.

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