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Ehssan Tehrani
Enterprise Consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

When a user is attempting to log into OW using SSO and gets an error, is there a way to identify if the error is from OW or resides on the membership system that manages the SSO? Traditionally an escalation ticket is sent in, so wondering if there are things that we can look for as a rep - eg. the url or type of error.

Kunal Johar
Great question. Can you compile a list of 10 such issues as they happen (step by step flow of them, error message shown)

I think we can take examples and make better error messages to better detect the case.

The error is ALWAYS on the third party, that is the nature of SSO, but we can provide more helpful errors like "You forgot &token" We have some errors like "Timestamp Expired" and "Not a Valid Email"

We can continue to take a strategy of improving the errors to help the devs who wrote the SSO better troubleshoot.
Ehssan Tehrani
Kunal Johar Thank you for your response. I will start keeping track of such errors - starting with the one I just received from NQF.

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