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Matthew Frank
Jr. Full Stack Developer
Asked a question 2 years ago

When using Guest Registration, how do registrants access their invoices?

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Joshua Wray
Development Project Manager

This is definitely something to consider and test when allowing Guest Registration.  

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Guests will not be able to view or make updates to their submission after they leave the site. This means they also will not be able to access the invoice attached to it. 
  • Guests will be able to print a copy of their invoice and submission before they leave the site. 

In order to make sure submission and invoice details are available to your guest entrants you'll want to instruct them to download a copy of their submission and invoice right after submitting, before leaving the site. 

Entrants will automatically be presented with the options to download both after submitting but you can help make sure they do by adding instructions to the Round Settings > Confirmation Page. Something like: "You will not be able to access this information again so please download both your submission and invoice using the buttons below."

If you add an Email field to your submission form you can send the entrant a Round Settings > Confirmation Email that can include submission and invoice details. You'll need to Override the default To address with the variable of the email field you created on the submission form. 

Keep in mind the {InvoiceURL} variable will not be usable since it requires entrants to be logged in.