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Releases and Updates
Releases and Updates

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November 2021 Update Part 2

Hi All,

The November updates are now in place for all customers.

Since nearly the beginning of the platform our URLs have ended in /a. For example if you linked, it would redirect to With this update we... (More)

November 2021 Update (Part 1)

Hi All,

The larger November update will come around Thanksgiving weekend. I recorded a quick video with my phone (the quality is a bit muffled), nonetheless I was excited to share this quick update.

Here is a 1 minute video:... (More)

October 2021 Update

Hi all,

The big update for the month is our data importers are now live. Data import is one of the most painful tasks out there, often because source data is just not clean. Our previous importers would tell you... (More)

September 2021 Update

Hi All,

We have been working on a lot of small improvements that have been rolled out during August and over labor day in September. This time around a lot of the work was done on the infrastructure side and... (More)