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Releases and Updates
Releases and Updates

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Vicky Parr
Business Support Manager

A 'not applicable' scoring option on evaluation forms

The range of businesses that apply to our Awards programme varies greatly and some questions may not be applicable to all business types. Currently when evaluating these submissions, I don't believe we can score these questions as 'not applicable' and... (More)

Joshua Wray
Development Project Manager

PDF's no longer redirect you away from OpenWater

It used to be the case that (depending on your browser settings) quite often when clicking a link to generate a PDF you'd be directed away from OpenWater to view the PDF, forcing your users and yourself to manually navigate... (More)

December Update - Vanity URL Improvements

Hey All,

Hope everyone is having a restful holiday! Although many of us here are also resting after a rough 2 years, I'm excited to share small pieces of continued innovation.

We have improved our Vanity Url capabilities to support... (More)

December Update - Webhooks

Hi all,

Today I'm happy to announce an update for customers who use our platform in conjunction with other systems and integrations. We have had a long standing API and have a well documented REST API with associated libraries.

We... (More)